No funding…but be hopeful!

So I didn’t get funding from Burning Man.  It’s a huge bummer but I’m not letting it deter me.  We’re currently in the process of getting a Kickstarter funding project together so keep an eye out for it.  I’ll include a link to it here.

Let me know if you’re interested in helping out!

4 Jailbreak

I need to follow up on the jailbreak post I had last year.  I got my hands on a few new iPhone 4’s now that we upgraded to iPhone 5.  These have now been jailbroken on iOS 6.2 and I’m continuing the configuration based on the instructions.

> ssh -l root
root@'s password: 
> cd ../../usr
> mkdir etc
> minicom -s
# follow instructions from ohscope on setting up the serial port
> cd /usr/etc
> ls

Good to go!

New Machine

So I decided to treat myself for my birthday and upgraded my MacBook Pro to the new 15″ retina.  Very fun.  Migrating over has been mostly trouble free but there were a couple of issues.  I prioritized getting the Teensy and Arduino build environments up and running.  Nothing strenuous but there was a small code change necessary.  Download and install:

  • [Graphics Library]
  • [OLED code]
    • Adafruit_SSD1306.cpp:425:26: error: 'TWBR' was not declared in this scope
    • Comment out references to TWBR
  • [RGB LED strand]
  • – This includes the XBee library and other libraries modified for used by the ARM platform

And that was it!  The makefiles needed a little modification to refer to the Arduino / Teensyduino installation but that was it.  Compiling 10 times faster!