Tonight was a good night. XBee / Teensy configuration problem solved.  Multiple coordinator problem…kind of figured out.  Code convergence for vest / hat / tower solved.

I’m looking at a vest and a tower running in front of me and changing the patterns through the iPhone.  Pretty cool.  Here is a picture of the Tower breadboard.  Bright red LED is the XBee power and you can see the LED’s dangling down at the bottom.  The Teensy is the dark board on the upper right, you can see the white micro USB plugged into it.


Teensy has been working great.  I’ve had to work around the makefile build / upload issue but I think we’re through that.  PJRC says that they will have a 3.0 command line interface available soon.  I’ll wait for now.  The upload GUI tool is sufficient for now (rebuild and press the button).  The issue with the XBee configuration code was that I was getting a MODEM_STATUS_RESPONSE from the network association.  I had to add an extra getResponse() call to get it off the queue.  My thought is that it’s due to the extra hardware serial on the Teensy and that it’s listening to everything from the radio on power up which is not what the Arduino is able to do.

As for the XBee extra coordinator, I’m having some trouble.  I have a working coordinator.  I want a couple of more for the other test beds.  The problem is that the 16bit PAN ID is being set differently as is the 802. channel.  I can reset things through AT commands but it’s not ideal and I really like the idea of not having to configure so much manually.  The PANID was very convenient as a network identifier and it worked flawlessly until now.  I’ll have to research this bit a bit more.

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