seaGrass base version 1

Started mocking up the first version of the base today (very, very wet day in Oakland).  I reused some of the wood from our camp from 2 years ago (still has the bubble-bubble stickers on it).  We have some spring loaded restraints on 4 corners that will hopefully give us some slow period swaying.  It will take some tuning but I think our first mock up is giving us some good results.  Without a high center of gravity we’re still able to get some interesting reaction from the mechanism.  Also, the system has a good self centering reaction.  It’s not only the main axis interaction but the orthogonal springs that add to the stability.

One issue is the stiffness of the structure.  That will need to be dealt with using better design but I think we’re starting off on a good base.

A couple of pics.  Elan helped a lot with getting things organized and up in the air.

photo (1) photo

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