Command Line and Teensy

So I’m starting to get to the 32kB limit on the Arduino.  I’ve been using all of my streamlining skills to get things to be more efficient.  Some successes but my luck is going to run out at some point.  One thing I realized is that I’m linking in both libraries for the different LED technologies: Adafruit strips for the hat and TCL strands for the vests.  It’s a little difficult to use preprocessors in the Arduino IDE.  I started looking into using XCode for development which would help me take advantage of things like preprocessor directives.  A big thanks goes out to Rei@embedXcode with the work that he did on making use of the XCode templates to make this easier.  I have a couple more patterns that were suggested to me that I’d like to implement on the current platform.  With the ability to streamline deployment I can probably cut out around 2kB and be comfortable with moving forward.  It will require some scripting but nothing too big.

But….and this is a big butt, I just found out about Teensy 3.0.  Where oh where have you been all my life (well, at least the last few months)?  This platform is almost the same size as the Pro Mini but boasts a buttload more memory and speed.  I don’t have to worry about squeezing bytes!  I bought one and am currently testing it with the vest code.  That’s another story.  Paul, over at PJRC, has an Arduino plugin that makes it trivial to target the Teensy and upload through the IDE.  It’s really rather ridiculous, easy and super super fast.   More to come later on that as I have more of a chance to test but the initial uploads seem to be working great.

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