One of the things that I was struggling with at the beginning was trying to figure out what wireless technology to use for syncing the vests.  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or XBee.  I settled on XBee for many reasons: cost, ease of use, range, battery life, cost (did I say cost?).  It always bothered me that I couldn’t use the built in Bluetooth hardware on the iPhone.  I didn’t do much about it until now, now that I have a little time to breathe.

I found an opensource project that provides a Bluetooth stack that accesses the hardware (on a jailbroken iPhone, of course).  Followed instructions on  There’s some code to communicate with a Wiimote.  It was really no problem and we had a lot of fun to play around with controlling the LEDs, motor and speaker on the Wiimote itself.

  • ./configure –target=iphone –with-sdk-version=5.0 –with-gcc-version=4.2
  • Downloaded BTStack from Cydia, needed to go to developer mode in Cydia to get to it
  • Load the test executable to the phone, ssh and run
  • Use one of these:
  • Play!

Ta-da!  Another world opens up in front of you.

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