I’m back!

Sorry for the absence.  We were in Colombia for the last couple of weeks.  Incredible trip.  Kids did amazing.  Travelled around quite a bit and saw a lot of new stuff.  Medellin was incredible.  Pics

Assembly has gone into full swing.  Chuck and Leo were over last night soldering computers.  Got a lot done and most of the heavy lifting is out of the way.  Ponoko and OshPark came through again (as they always do) and my custom boards and housings were waiting for me when we got home.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about is how to configure the XBee radios using my Mac (which will be on playa).  Digi only provides a Windows application.  Wine to the rescue (still amazed with the resources out there).  C++Etc has a great write up on how to use the Windows emulator Wine to run the X-CTU app on the Mac.  I have it installed and running and will test it out tonight.

Leo’s going to have his family running on a separate network at Burningman so we’re working through the logistics of an additional iPhone (and a backup for me).  It will be a good test of the documentation I posted early in the project.

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