Had a great opportunity pop up last week.  Terri, mom of Felix, one of Elan’s friends is in a band , “SHOCK”.  They were asked to play at the opening night of the Cindy Sherman exhibition at the SFMOMA.  She asked if we could use the vests.  Of course, yes.  We had a great time showing them off and got a lot of good feedback.  One thing that helped a lot was having Terri’s friend Jamie manning the controls.  He knew the music and was able to really put on a good show.  We also found some deficiencies in the interface that I’ll take as next iteration tasks.  Super helpful.

One thing I learned from this was that I need to be much more performance oriented in how we use the vests.  Walking through patterns based on mood and music was so effective.  Practice, practice, practice.

I’ll work on getting some video posted soon.

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