First touch

We had a great get together last weekend at Chuck’s place with Pat, Carie, Emil and Beth.  It was a chance to get some serious planning done on the vest construction.  We discussed pattern and construction ideas.  It was definitely motivating to get people in front of the project to see their reaction.  Pat came up with some great pattern ideas that I’ve been furiously working on for the last couple of days.

The one that I like the most is a rainbow based pattern that changes color based on your distance from the controller.  For the most part it’s working but I have to tune the RSSI vs distance graph.  It’s non-linear and I’m assuming it’s linear which results in not enough action on the short end.  Not too much trouble but needs a little experimentation.



Otherwise code is coming along well.  I’ve cleaned up a lot of patterns based on the feedback from the show last friday.  The cylon-like patterns are much smoother and can handle color changes much better.

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