Boards are in!

The boards from OshPark came in today.  Needless to say, I was very excited.  So here’s the timeline for the order:

  • June 13 – Order placed
  • June 14 – Assigned to panel email received
  • June 15 – Panel sent to panel email received
  • June 26 – Panel received from fab email received
  • July 1 – Order shipped email received
  • July 6 – Order received
OshPark is really a revolution for hobbyists.  The boards are really slick.  Purple, with silkscreen and solder mask.  The fact that we can just update Eagle files is fantastic.  Eagle a full fledged design tool (for what we need) and OshPark produces very nice renderings of what you should expect.
I proceeded to solder up the project immediately.  Thankfully, I’ve had enough failures in this arena to be careful about powering anything up.  Fortunately, I did an alright job of designing the board.  Worked great and was able to program the installed Arduino right away.  I have my list of redesign items but am very pleased by the progress.  Now I just need to get moving on getting the Eagle files generated and uploaded.
The picture below shows the progression.  On the left is the original design with the Arduino Pro.  Granted it has the protective plastic casing which makes it look bigger.  In the middle is the new board before cleanup.  On the right is the new board with components mounted.  I added full female headers on this prototype to allow me to deal with failures.  Once I’m comfortable with the design I’ll remove them and mount the components directly which should halve the thickness of the package.  This should make the whole piece much more wearable.  Additionally this design will include a microphone for the audio active patterns.  You can see the microphone package in the upper right of the picture.

BTW, I have the top hat design coming along.  It’s cycling through some patterns in front of me right now.  More later.

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