Things have changed

I haven’t had custom boards built in a while.  I was going to go with the old standby but I found  Super cheap and imported Eagle files directly.  We’ll see how it goes but it’s amazing to me how quickly (~2 hours) I was able to build up the board and send it off for fab.  Sparkfun definitely helped with their tutorial on Eagle.  Not only is oshpark cheap, and from what I hear quick, their boards are fab’d in purple!

Here is the first version of the board.  I’m sure there will be mistakes and revisions but a first version in an afternoon is unbelievable.

This configuration will use the Arduino Pro Mini as the platform and will greatly reduce the size of the wearable hardware.  The radio and computer will now be housed on the vest between the shoulder blades.  The benefits will be: higher radio antenna for more range, less weight, easier construction & no need for a utility belt.

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