One of the things that I didn’t love about the LiB experience was having to wear a utility belt to hold the computer and battery.  It was bulky and presented some difficult for me because I needed to carry the controller radio also.  It worked great unless you wanted to sit down, which you’ll probably want to do at some point.

I’ve been looking at other Arduino form factors to try to get the computer small enough to mount directly onto the vest.  I’m starting to test the Arduino Pro-mini.  Address label size.  I’ve mocked it up and it’s working well.  What I’m going to start doing is working with Eagle (thanks sparkfun for the tutorial) to design the mounting board which will route power and signal around in a small package that will be mounted between the shoulder blades.  The battery will still be down at the waist but I think we should be able to have it mounted to the vest instead of having it in a belt.

I’m going to try out sparkfun’s BatchPCB service this time around. has been good to me but I think BatchPCB has some nice features and may be much less expensive (but takes longer).

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