Next step for sound activation

Moving the sound algorithm to the vest’s computer ended up being not too difficult.  I need to find a better way to promote the code from the test bed to the Arduino.  I may still have to do some tweaking but for the most part I think it’s working.  The automated sound level adjustments are happening pretty well.  With loud music I can see the volume adjusting to get some action going in the flashing.  When I turn the music way down, volume goes up so that just talking can activate the display.  It was fun to play around with that.

One other thing that happened is that I realized that I was using a lot of current when using the default full color flash display.  I had a sneaking suspicion that this was a power hog command.  I’ve now modified the pattern so that I can select a color to flash.  One nice thing that came out of it is that the decay of the pattern makes new colors emerge towards the end of the flash.  This is due to the random assignment of the color band.


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