More lessons

So I already have some updates to the board that I need to do.  As it turns out, we wanted to show some friends the vests.  Fun!  Easy to put together and run.  We forgot to disconnect the LiPo batteries afterwards and they drained down to 1V.  Ugh.  Dead.  2 batteries lost.

I need to implement some kind of under-volt protection on the Arduino because I know that it’s going to be difficult to have people remember to take care of all of this late night out in the desert.  Logistically we can help with how we set up camp but I think there needs to be some kind of hardware / software solution to this.  Can a MOSFET handle the 3A.  Probably but need to experiment.  Even so, will the Arduino draw a low enough current for us to last through the night / morning?  Probably but need to experiment.

Also, Chuck’s been over for the last couple of night’s building up his vest.  We’ve been documenting as much as possible for an presentation.  Working on that now and hoping to have a full version soon.

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