Build out

Another while.

A lot of tying up loose ends lately. Mocking up and finalizing the software. The bigger items have been taken care of already. Leo is working on the pattern and construction of the vests themselves. We’ll be working on a full mock up this weekend so we’ll send some video out then.

The biggest issue I’ve been dealing with lately is with power. I got some sample Li-Po batteries and mocked up a power supply for the LED strands. Surprisingly I was seeing 2A coming through. The spec said 1A. I called CoolNeon and they admitted the error. I’m scrambling to find another power supply because 2A melts the plastic with a linear regulator. Wanted to use a switching power supply but it would be difficult with the time and effort. I found some interesting circuits built for RC systems and ordered a handful for testing. This weekend should be fun on that front. Boo to CoolNeon for the bad advertising.

We mocked up some of the fur that Leo got and it’s actually quite nice. I’m looking forward to the full mock up. Stay tuned.

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