Work with me XCode

Ok a few nights since the last update. I’ve added the ability to monitor and display multiple members. Looks good and is pretty stable. What’s working is that it monitors and displays membership length and available RAM pretty reliably. One thing to add is the ability to monitor a drop. Still need to figure that one out.

I’ve been having some trouble on the iPhone side. The data that I got from┬áhas been incredibly helpful. Most of my issues are in XCode and trying to get the compiler to play nice with my .cpp code. I tried building a new project from scratch but it was very problematic. I’ve resorted to taking an existing openframeworks example and trickling in my code until I had a working version. A few things.

  • ofSerial.cpp and ofSerial.h are not available in the iPhone distribution from openframeworks. I copied them into my project and updated the ifdefs to include TARGET_OF_IPHONE where there was a TARGET_OSX.
  • Renamed my .cpp to .mm
  • Changed the Supported architecture to “armv6 armv7”
  • Change the iPhone deployment target to 4.2

I have the executable loaded on the phone and am now starting to work on the hardware interface to the XBee. The connectors finally came in and I have to assemble the harness between the iPhone breakout board and the XBee.

Also! I hate having to support both the .mm and .cpp files. I was having trouble keeping them .cpp in XCode. What I’m planning on doing is having a script to develop in the OSX platform and run the script to check changes into SVN and rename / copy to the iPhone project. That way we’ll have only one copy of the logic. May be a bit brute force.

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