Two way communication

It’s been a fun couple of nights. I’ve been working on the bi-directional communication aspects of the project and now have the iPhone simulator sending commands to the Arduino to change the pattern of an LED. Simple but cool.

I’ve also solved the issue of the dropped member. I’ve instituted a 20 second heartbeat absence as a drop. The icon representing the member changes when a drop is recognized.

Did a little hardware work too. Soldered up the iPhone breakout board and built up a connector for the TCL LED string. It’s plugged in and ready to play with. What I want to do is build an openframworks widget to help control various aspects of the TCL wire. Specifically the RGE levels and overall output level of the string. There are a bunch of openframeworks addons available but after reviewing them I’m of the mind that I should create them myself. Wish me luck.

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