Happy Birthday

Had a nice day of around the house puttering. Sometimes that’s what you need on your birthday.

Was able to make some good progress on Coordinator -> Member communication. I had to refactor the Member Arduino code a bit to help modularize how patterns are going to be designed and executed. Once that was done, I got the coordinator to fire off various commands to the member (full color strand control, sparkle, sparkle descending). I then got Elan to wear it and wander around while I controlled it through the simulator. Works!

still have a couple of problems. One is that the member inexplicably drops out and the “time in swarm” count resets to zero. I haven’t seen a pattern to this yet. Also, I haven’t gotten the iOS memory usage analyzed and I really need to get a handle on that in order to avoid any long running issues.

And, I need to figure out the battery situation. A 9V wasn’t cutting it for long. I could probably address part of it by not running the brightness so high. This was part of the sparkle design that was interesting to discover. Your eye can’t really tell the changes at the top 25% of the brightness loop. I shortened the time it spends there and it helped make it more ‘sparkly’. I should probably take advantage of this with the full brightness control.

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