Going mobile

Massive, massive success tonight. Finally took the leap to get the iPhone setup. It was a hold your breath kind of night. A few hiccups. One, I had trouble finding the right ground pin. What I was told in some of the blogs wasn’t giving me the 3.3V that I needed to power the XBee. I finally settled on pin 15 which I found referred to as a valid ground. Second, I forgot to change the serial port identifier to the iPhone (/dev/tty.iap). Patience. Got those items fixed and was good to go. Got it to work exactly the same as it works in XCode. Huge grins. Popped the corks kind of thing.

I also received my Mega proto shield and built it up to start testing with 2 clients. There was some concern on the sparkfun website about building it up but it went ok. Another couple of hiccups. First, the TX / RX pins were difficult to get to (because there are so many on the Mega). Second, the SPI pins are moved to the 50s. Forgot about that one but…patience again. Read up on the TCL documentation and its reference to check the documentation. Got it. So 2 clients running now. And they popped up! Great to see them both on the screen and getting them to work with the iPhone.

Upped the baud rate to 57,600. This helped with the dropped packet issue I was seeing in XCode. Funnily enough though, I didn’t see the dropped packet issue on the iPhone. I’m wondering if this has something to do with the USB connection to the XBee from the computer.

So my big concern now here is openframeworks performance. In XCode, I’m seeing a full CPU being taken up. Not good. Also, some of the animation that I was doing on the phone looks sluggish. I have to look into this now.

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