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Last couple of nights has been a good cleanup opportunity. I’ve tidied up some of the error handling and logging so that I have more information on timing of messaging. One of the issues was that I wasn’t getting a TX status response message. I forgot to set the frameId in the transmission. I’m now getting a status response. One of the issues that we’re going to have is with timing. The status response takes on the order of 50ms. This seems long and may be an issue as the swarm grows. 10 members means .5 seconds. We’ll see how it scales but I may need to investigate the broadcast message. I’m just concerned with acknowledgement. Research, research.

Batteries. Some research needed here too. has some good options (and I just learned about them today). I need to talk to someone about this and I’ll be going to Boss Robot to see what they have. Maybe a little more expensive but will make the network more stable.

I’ve been playing around with the system here for a while and it’s really fun. Pump, sparkle, full color…. No problem!

Poco! I just learned about this framework and it looks like a great thing. It’s bundled in the openframeworks distribution. There is a lot of functionality here that I will take advantage of. First was to get logging message with millisecond resolution. There’s a lot more here to look at. I’m thinking that there may be some opportunity to link into the network at burningman to see if we can get some synchronized messaging from what’s happening there live.

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