The jailbreak

Bunch of stuff today so far. Finally got the iPhone jailbroken and was able to get the proper applications installed that allowed me to SSH into the phone. Very exciting to see the root access. Was able to enable the serial port and I’m looking forward to playing around with that. ohscope to the rescue:

More towards software development now that I’ve implemented the C++ links between the router and coordinator. Starting to get fun that way. Lots of refactoring and reorganizing to get what I want. We need to start talking about what to do about enclosures and housing for the electronics.

For the iPhone setup I installed: Minicom, ToggleSSH and openSSH. I had to enable Hacker mode in Cydia in order to be able to find Minicom. Followed the instructions from ohscope to enable the serial port. Since I have 4.2.1, I cannot use the default Cydia MobileTerminal app. I added this source to find a version of MobileTerminal that works for this iOS version.

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