Let’s see memory

Upgraded portions of the code to display available RAM on the swarm member process and the length of time as a member in the swarm. Was able to test this by resetting the member and watching memory and time change. Seems to be working ok. Display is simple but it’s a start. The Address16 value is unique to the network and will be the hash key used to monitor memory usage. Another row here will be a monitor of the currently running pattern.

I’m hoping the new Arduino comes tomorrow so that I can monitor 2 at once. Once that is complete I’ll start working on sending commands from the controller.

Today I found some other data on batteries and options for the RGB led strips. LiPo may be the way to go for power. Rechargeable, small and relatively powerful. Need to scope these out. Here is the link to the somewhat cheaper LEDs:http://www.adafruit.com/products/306

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