Goodbye Android

Ok, gave up on Android. I’ve decided to go with iPhone and openFrameworks. I’ve tested out the implementation on the 3G and 4. It works great. So I’ve downloaded the iOS and OSX versions and checked into SVN. Working on migrating the code I wrote in Processing over to openFrameworks. Much C++ to learn. The benefits are manyfold. Don’t have to buy a new phone, it’s debuggable, source controlled and I can use XCode. Fewer new technologies and moving parts is much better than what we’d have to do for the Android solution (which isn’t trivial from the research that I’ve been doing).

I’ve updated the XBee Arduino API to be able to use the ofSerial object. Minor changes but was able to get it working. Was able to send an ATSH message and getting the proper result. Will work on expanding the test cases but this is really good news.

I’ve tried really hard to get the iPhone jailbroken to no avail. Have resorted to finding someone to help me with this. I’ve ordered the breakout boards to be able to use the iPhone serial connection. Wish us luck.

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